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Posted February 12, 2022

MetaracerX New Window to NFT and VR Gaming Experience

MetaracerX New Window to NFT and VR Gaming Experience

MetaracerX is the new game for speed lovers.

There is more and more talk about blockchain games, NFTs in gaming and the idea of games through which players earn real money. Is the future really in that?

“Blockchain / NFT / play-to-earn games are the future of gaming!” It is a statement that in one form or another could recently be heard from the heads of Electronic Arts and Ubisoft.

In an era when an expensive graphics card is no longer used just for playing PC games but also for mining cryptocurrencies, at a time when the Reddit team is discovering short selling and manipulating the stock market, the promises of the games through which one makes money definitely sound tempting.

What is NFT?

To understand NFT games, first we must understand what NFTs are in fact. The English abbreviation NFT stands for non-fungible token, in translation it means to irreplaceable token or coin.

These are cryptographically protected parts of the blockchain that are designed to represent something completely unique. They were created as a means of preserving value and as easily verifiable evidence of ownership over other unique forms of digital or “analog” assets, such as works of art, collectibles, and the like. They are usually created as unique records based on the Ethereum blockchain and its smart contracts, although there are also those based on other standards.

Video games have the potential to take advantage of NFTs and make them the cornerstone of their digital economy, which could give players back a lot of power, as in-game purchases will truly be owned by the players themselves.

Like NFTs, these items can be resold in secondary markets, borrowed, transferred out of the game, and essentially become a tangible investment. Developers can become even more creative. For example, items can be fractionated, merged into an index fund, exist in multiple games, evolve each time they are traded, and more.

Where Some Games Can Go Wrong

A significant problem for many of the current blockchain games on the market is precisely that they are created and promoted as blockchain games, rather than great games in which blockchain is just one element.

Companies are focusing on their own aspects, aspects of substitutability and earnings, incorporating basic gameplay mechanics with visuals consisting of assets from the Unity Asset Store or pixel artwork. This may attract those who are interested in making money, but many players return to their mainstream games after a while.

Without the enticing gameplay, the flow of new players who are interested will quickly dry up. Once the value of the original asset or currency has depreciated due to this process, the original makers will almost certainly move on to some newer game where they can repeat it all, leaving the previous game to a ghost town.

Game developers who target the main audience need to find ways to communicate the benefits of blockchain in their games without making it the primary selling point.

They need to understand how true ownership of in-game assets improves the actual game. Any emphasis on playing the game for profit would be risky, even technically true, because it will attract the wrong audience and turn out to be deceptive or unsustainable.

It is up to the developers to find a balance, but the concept of the existence of different levels of objects, some on the blockchain, some not, could help with this problem. There are many possible solutions, but more than likely, a degree of adjustment will be needed to balance the game as well as the growing market.

Play-and-Earn instead of Play-to-Earn

Future NFT games must be fun. Users should be attracted by the mechanics of the game, the fact that they will still earn should be just the icing on the cake. Offering players the opportunity to make money while engaging in leisure activities they enjoy is a real selling point, not a digital substitute for a daily job.

NFT gaming is a no-brainer for many. What is crucial is to develop the right formula. This is not an easy task. What is crucial is to develop the right formula. This is not an easy task. It takes an experienced team, funding and a lot of time to build a quality game, something that is not easy even for big gaming studios.

A perfect example of how to enter this virtual “Metaverse” world of video games and start creating top quality, long lasting game are the guys from MetaracerX .

MetaracerX new Gaming and VR Experience


MetaracerX is a mobile racing game, NFT collection and VR gaming experience all rolled into one. With the earn element utilizing Prodigy Tokens, players are not only able to put their tokens on the line in game play, but have the ability to grow their Prodigy Token holdings by investing or earning in-game incentives.

MetaracerX creators have partnered with some of the best designers, animators, and developers in the industry to begin the process of bringing that vision to life.

MetaracerX Addictive Creative Gameplay


The result is still in the making but what we see from start it is a thrilling and addictive online racing experience, auto design, creative gameplay and graphics that will stand above any competitive product out there and a roadmap that will continues to build the METARACERX brand for years to come.


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