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Posted January 08, 2021

ChainLink Coin - The World’s Most Reliable Oracle Solution

A cryptocurrency called Chainlink Coin was created to facilitate safe and dependable links between smart contracts and outside data sources.

Any transaction or payment is recorded in a blockchain when it is validated and met with the preapproved terms and conditions.

If the transactions are complex, they need a special technical solution to deal with.

In such cases, the smart contracts work.

They are the pre-coded programs entered in the blockchain and run automatically when the predetermined terms and conditions are fulfilled.

Smart contracts are run by those who develop them.

The versatility of smart contracts can be seen in business collaboration where huge transactions take place.

To ease and streamline the complexities in these transactions in the blockchain, the chain link coins are used to streamline payments.

It provides a reliable solution in streamlining any blockchain.


How Chainlink connects smart contracts?

Chainlink was launched in 2017 and is an intermediate blockchain that connects the blockchain with off-chain applications.

The entire ecosystem works on the LINK token and the LINK network.

They act as a bridge between the Cryptocurrency smart contracts and off-chain resources like data feeds, various web APIs, and traditional bank account payments.

ChainLink Wallets:

Chain link coins can be stored on any Ethereum-friendly wallet. There are three types of wallet such as

The total supply of the LINK tokens is one Billion circulating in the market. The value of it depends upon the popularity of the ChainLink network.

Buy And Trade Chainlink Coin

Why Should You Invest In Chainlink Coin?

There are 4 properties of chain link that attracts investors to buy Chainlink.

  • Fast trading experience
  • Simple easy and Intuitive
  • They are secure and trusted
  • It is the world’s most liquid Cryptocurrency exchange

What Can You Do With Your Chainlink Coin?

After you buy the chain link you can:

  • Hold them for the proper time to increase in value
  • Trade and sell them at the correct time
  • Use the chain link as a mode of payment to pay the operators.
  • Donate chain links if the portal allows so.

It has recorded an all-time increase in its value by $19.17 4 months ago. The current rate is $20.20.

It is not only a safe investment but guarantees strong returns in future.

Where To Buy Chainlink Tokens?

These link tokens are available in various Cryptocurrency exchanges.

Each of them has its trading fees along with withdrawal fees. 

The most popular crypto exchange is Binance where it is easy to buy and sell Cryptocurrencies. 

Binance crypto trading app can also be downloaded to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

There are other exchanges like:

  • WazirX
  • Crypto.com App
  • Coinbase
  • Kraken
  • CEX.IO
  • CoinSwitch
  • Changelly
  • YoBit
  • BitBay and many more.

All you need to do is to register with these exchanges by having a free account. 

You have to purchase a wallet to store your currency. 

Some exchanges will demand verification of your account. 

After verification, you will be ready to trade. 

Deposit some funds in the amount and buy the chain link coins on your chosen exchange.


It is a popular Cryptocurrency exchange because they list more than 100 different coins. It is one of the most trusted platforms as they support multiple fiat currencies like USD, EUR, RUB, TRY etc. It has become so popular that it has stopped creation of new accounts.


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Established in 2013, London based CEX.io is a Bitcoin exchange as well as a cloud mining providing company. The company supplies both a trading platform and brokerage services for Bitcoin, Ethereum and a range of other cryptocurrencies.


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