Posted January 06, 2021

All You Need to Know About Tron Coin (TRX)

Understanding Tron Coin: History, Technology, and Use Cases

A Cryptocurrency is a new form of digital investment.

The most popular being Bitcoin is unexpectedly valued in terms of currency.

The technical mechanism used behind these currencies is the digital encryption techniques that control the transfer of funds and other monetary units.

The latest and the most unique addition in the line is the Tron coin that works on blockchain technology.

tron altcoin

Understanding Tron Coin: History, Technology, and Use Cases

Tron Foundation is a non-profit organization in Singapore that was the founder of Tron coins. 

The CEO, Justin Sun, and his team of technical experts founded this exceptional crypto-technical investment opportunity. 

Tron is a blockchain-based decentralized platform that associates with building a free, global digital content entertainment system with storage technology that allows easy sharing of digital content to online users.

This means the users can directly get the final technical product without the involvement of any middlemen. 

For instance If you need any OTT platform to watch digital content, you need Play Store to download them. 

With the introduction of Tron and its superficial technology, the users can directly access the digital content, without paying anything to OTT platforms.

All in all, it implies the individuals who own Tron will have absolute control and responsibility for information/data they make, including how it is disseminated to the public. 

The interest to purchase the coin has increased in comparison to other digital Cryptocurrencies. 

It will completely decentralize the internet by allowing users to create and access media without the involvement of any third party.


Tron Currency and Stages

Tron has its currency called TRX. It has six stages and they are:


Offering a simple, distributed file sharing facility.

In Exodus, there is not much leveraging of the blockchain technology, just a liberation of the sharing of entertainment files.


Odyssey will usher a tipping system that replaces the views or clicks currently with decentralized systems.

It will be similar to the Proof of Stake paradigm. 

People will be able to get authentic content from the system when they tip the content creators.

  Great Voyage

In this stage, a personalized token creation for all content marketers will incentivize the creation of personal ICOs that will allow for supporter management, income payment, and dividend management. 

People will now be able to support massive entertainment projects and have a share of the proceeds using the personal ICOs created by the content creators.


This phase will function much like Great Voyage, with the exception that TRON will introduce its decentralized tokens, and carry out system updates to increase security and make the blockchain more robust and secure to avoid hacks, malicious tokens, DDOS and Sybil attacks.

Star Trek

The fifth phase in the scaling of TRON will see the blockchain morph into a decentralized gaming platform, much like Augur. 

The system will be improved to provide for autonomous gaming and prediction functionalities which will allow TRON to enter the $450 billion, and probably give the currency much needed improvement in capitalization.


This last phase of the blockchain will handle fundraising where investors will seek to put their money in the gaming or entertainment options of their choice.

You can buy them from online crypto exchanges. A few of such exchanges are listed below:



It is a popular Cryptocurrency exchange because they list more than 100 different coins. It is one of the most trusted platforms as they support multiple fiat currencies like USD, EUR, RUB, TRY etc. It has become so popular that it has stopped creation of new accounts.


From day one, they are designed and built for newcomers and experts alike. They become one of the largest bitcoin exchanges, serving clients in over 190 countries, and continue helping people discover the world of crypto. Learn How to buy Tron.


Established in 2013, London based is a Bitcoin exchange as well as a cloud mining providing company. The company supplies both a trading platform and brokerage services for Bitcoin, Ethereum and a range of other cryptocurrencies.


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